Read V.


Dr. Dave Liu is a simply incredible healer. He also is an expert in acupuncture and many other elements of Chinese and Western Medicine, to the extent that he teaches medical students. I feel extremely fortunate to have his healing Services here in the neighborhood.

I went to Dr Liu for a chronically sore elbow. My orthopedist did two cortisone shots and then arthroscopic surgery but it still wasn’t better. I had suffered through over three years of constant pain and lack of ability to do the sports and daily activities I wanted to do. Dr. Liu took care of it in a few months with acupuncture, massage/adjustment and a few simple exercises. Now the pain is gone. Thank you Dave!

We are very lucky to have this skilled healer who takes Insurance here in our city.


Bill Q.


Dr. Liu recently treated me for pain in my left side, specifically around my waist and my buttocks. He used a new technique called soft tissue realignment, which was painless and took maybe took 10 minutes at most. Within a day virtually all of the pain, sometimes excruciating when I squat, was gone


Issac L.


Dr.Liu is awesome and the treatment is very effective. My wife and me have back pain for many years and other muscle pains due to our work. We had seen different physical therapists and chiropractors, but nothing worked out. Dr. Liu is very patient and knowledgeable. The treatment is soft and natural, so we are very comfortable and don’t feel any pain during the treatments. After we saw him a few times, we already felt a significant improvement for our pain problems. Now we have been seeing Dr. Liu for 6 months, all the muscle pains have been taken care of and the back pain problem has become minimal.